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“Whoever welcomes you, welcomes me.” Mt 10:40

Blessings in the name of the Christ to all who gather for worship.

Lamb of God Lutheran Church embraces all who enter God’s house. To new guests, regular visitors, seasonal friends, and visiting family, thank you for entrusting your worship to our congregation.

For those who would like to learn more about the mission and ministry of Lamb of God Lutheran Church, please stop by the Hospitality Desk in the Commons.
“Quien Los recibe a ustedes, me recibe a mi." Mateo 10:40

Muchas bendiciones en el nombre de Cristo a todos los que se junten para adorarle.

En nuestra Iglesia Luterana Cordero de Dios nos regocijamos cuando vienen hermanos y hermanas para adorar con nosotros aqui en las casa de Dios. Para TODOS los que lieguen, GRACIAS por darnos la oportunidad de adorar con ustedes.

Para aquellos que desean conocer mas de nosotros, por favor dirijase a la siguiente pagina al pulsar el boton siguiente.

​Worship Schedule

November - April

Advent thru Lent: Saturdays at 6pm​ 
Sunday worship: 8:00am & 10:30am
Sunday School: 9:15am

Spanish language worship services: Sundays at 12 noon

Ash Wednesday and the Sundays of Lent
2/10   -   “Becoming the Righteousness of God”
2/13 & 2/14   - “The Importance of Remembering”
2/20 @ 6 p.m.  -   “Overcoming our Insecurities”
2/26 & 2/27  -   “Ho!”
3/5 & 3/6   -   “New Opportunities”
3/12 & 3/13  -  “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!”
Midweek Lenten Services
Wednesdays, 11am and 7pm
“AT THE LAST SUPPER (and beyond)”
2/17   - Group 1   - “The Surprised”
(Bartholomew, James the lesser, Andrew)
2/24 – Group 2  -- “The Confused”
(Jude Thaddeus, Matthew, Simon the Zealot)
3/2 – Group 3  - “The Overwhelmed”
(Thomas, James, Philip)
3/9 -  Group 4 - “The Upset”
(Judas Iscariot, Peter and John)
3/16 – “Jesus--the Center”

May - October
Sunday worship: 9:00am
Sunday School: 10:15am
Spanish services: 12:00pm


Getting Here

Lamb of God Lutheran Church is located at 901 Scenic Hwy (on the corner of State Road 544 and 10th Street) in Haines City, Florida..

Como Liegar:

La Iglesia Luterana Cordero de Dios esta localizada en 901 Scenic Hwy ( en la ewquina de la State Road 544 y la 10th Street) en Haines City, Florida 33844.
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